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Weight 16 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 20 cm


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Black Forest - Loose leaf tea

A taste of my early years in Germany...the rich, decadent flavours of tea-time.

Inspired by my first family holiday in Germany where I was born. A time when we packed up everything including the budgie and set off to a local campsite in the Black Forest. Inspired by the surrounding beauty of the forest, I’ve created a delicious tea with rich flavours of cherry and chocolate…just like the tasty dessert Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, or as we knew it…Black Forest gateau.

Black Forest


A richly flavoured infusion of black tea, ripe cherries with decadent waves of chocolate. This tea is suited to accompany desserts and cake as well as enjoyed on its own…anytime. It’s a healthy way to enjoy a chocolate fix without the calories!
Black Tea, Cherries, Cacao husk and cacao nibs with Vanilla.
60 grams, infuse for 3 minutes. Two teaspoons is ample for a family sized teapot.

Discover Healthy, Locally Supplied, Loose Leaf Tea

Margaret’s Tea Rooms was inspired by the connection between me and my mum, it made sense to work with a small, family run, independent tea company that would assist me in bringing my teas to life. I selected Birdhouse Tea Company in Sheffield, a mother and daughter with a shared passion for tea.

All of the teas are made up of the finest loose leaf ingredients and dried fruits and flowers, each blend requires an infuser to allow the ingredients to present the aromas and flavours at their best.

The ingredients used in the infusion blends are natural, sourced from quality tea leaf, real fruits and flowers avoiding low quality and harmful alternatives used in other infusion methods, such as tea bags containing micro-plastics harmful to the environment. Natural is best!