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Scotch Mist

An early morning stroll through the heather in the Highlands of Scotland

Inspired by my last holiday with my mum to the Scottish Highlands, the colours of the heathers, the scents of the wild roses and the freshness of the mist. Scotch Mist is a relaxing, enjoyable infusion of lavender, wild rose, citrus notes and vanilla…it’s as comforting as a mother’s hug!

Scotch Mist



A floral, zesty infusion built around a core of black tea. Scotch Mist is perfect for any occasion, it’s a ‘go to’ to compliment all food and cakes beautifully or can be just what is needed to unwind after a long day. It’s perfect if you have a busy mind and want to relax. It’s the original tea I created…where the journey of Margaret’s Tea Rooms began.


Black Tea, Lavender, Rose, Grapefruit, Bergamot & Vanilla


50 grams, infuse for 3 minutes. Two teaspoons is ample for a family sized teapot.

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 11 × 4 × 18 cm

7 reviews for Scotch Mist

  1. Baz milne

    This tea blend is a delicious combination of various ingredients that make a very refreshing brew. Smells of chocolate and vanilla and the taste does not disappoint either. A stunning tea which I have every time I visit.

  2. Jen Wheeler

    I have tried pretty much every tea on the menu at Margaret’s … they are all VERY good and so varied. No matter what my mood (or choice of cake that day!) there’s always the perfect blend to suit.

    However, Scotch Mist is my overall favourite. So much so, I always have a pack at home so I can enjoy it any time I like. The story behind this blend always plays in my head as I savour the exquisite aroma and take that first, magical sip.

    I have gifted this blend to several friends who are now all fans too!

  3. SC

    I am an avid coffee drinker, having had Scotch Mist Tea a year or so ago has converted me to Tea, well this one anyway. 😊My go to Tea when I need to chill,very calming and tasty.

  4. Natalie

    Love, love, love this tea 😍. In my house this tea is mine and only mine!! The perfect drink when you fancy 10 minutes of peaceful ‘me time’. It’s floral and refreshing and the beauty of the leaves and petals make you smile. Treat yourself, share if you must but don’t miss out on this taste sensation!

  5. Babs Smith

    This tea is very special to me. I love the story behind it and now the fact that my son gets it for me makes it extra special. It is so aromatic and has a lovely deep flavour. Lavender and Rose infusion takes you far away and has me hooked!

  6. John Males

    Adore the stuff. I love all of Des’s teas, but this is my favourite. To be honest, I just adore the whole place, full stop!

  7. Pat Stewart

    This wonderful tea really does capture the essence of the Scottish Highlands. Although I enjoy tasting the other teas available, Scotch Mist is my ‘go to’ tea when I can’t decide what else to have. It’s perfect with a scone jam and cream.

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All our teas are made up of the finest loose leaf ingredients, dried fruits and flowers. Each blend requires an infuser to allow the ingredients to present the aromas and flavours at their best.

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