The Memoirs Tea Collection

by Des Davis

Take a look at our exclusive tea blends. A new addition is created every year for you to enjoy…

Teas with a story to tell...

Dedicated to my mother, Margaret.

Inspired by memories of my childhood and family, I have created my own collection of teas which it seemed only fitting to call The Memoirs Tea Collection. Each tea has its own identity and a story behind it, I hope you enjoy discovering them and maybe they will become equally as special to you…

Scotch Mist

An early morning stroll through Scottish Highlands

Inspired by my last holiday with my mum to the Scottish Highlands, the colours of the heathers, the scents of the wild roses and the freshness of the mist. Scotch Mist is a relaxing, enjoyable infusion of lavender, wild rose, citrus notes and vanilla…it’s as comforting as a mother’s hug!


All the fruits of my childhood memories of Cyprus

Inspired by my childhood, I was very fortunate to live in Cyprus as a young boy. I created this tea from the memory of the fruits of the island. I used to be able to reach up and pick them; pomegranates, figs, citrus fruits…it was the time of my life, which young boy wouldn’t love the sunshine and the sea!

Black Forest

A taste of Germany, the rich decadent flavours of tea-time

Inspired by my first family holiday in Germany where I was born. A time when we packed up everything including the budgie and set off to a local campsite in the Black Forest. Inspired by the surrounding beauty of the forest, I’ve created a delicious tea with rich flavours of cherry and chocolate…just like the tasty dessert Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, or as we knew it, Black Forest gateau.

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